Anabolic agents are used primarily to improve the pig meat production in ruminants, on a smaller scale and on a scale very limited birds. Also effective in horses and fish growth promoters. Anabolic agents used in ruminant increase (GPV) live weight gain and efficiency of feed conversion (RCTs). However, in birds anabolic agents are used for chemical castration, while in pigs, the main action of anabolic agents is the improve lean muscle tissue contained in the channel and reduce the undesirable fat content.

The levels of growth in calves, obtained supplying anabolic character actors estrogens and androgens, giving the combination of results in a maximum growth rate. Estradiol and progesterone are also very effective. In heifers and cows from scrap obtained best results have occurred through the provision of androgens alone or in combination with oestrogens. In the case of bulls best steroid hormone can be used to increase the pace of development of estrogen or estrogen-androgen Association.
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