To increase animal production, man has produced various synthetic hormones. Being the most commonly used, will deepen in a certain type of hormone: anabolic agents. The use of hormones or synthetic hormones, is probably one of the most widespread practices which have been accepted by the farmers who feed cattle and sheep to market. Use of transgenic animals. Anabolics are compounds that have the property of retaining nitrogen, indispensable element in protein synthesis, also favor the formation of red blood cells, calcium and phosphorus retention, factors that contribute to weight gain. The anabolic denomination must be distinguished from the points of view: the therapeutic and the production. The anabolic denomination from the fisiologico-terapeutico point of view is a steroid, a derivative of testosterone, with large capacity androgen. Animal production specialist for the anabolic term differs somewhat from the above definition, i.e., a substance that retain nitrogen increase weight, no matter its origin.
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