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Feeding of domestic animals exploited for commercial purposes, whether for production

of meat or other products such as eggs and milk, move a string related to the manufacture

of food and agents that provide a better use of the food producer. Production systems

have traditionally been intensive, with a diet based on a concentrated diet that meets

nutritional requirements of these animals, highly in order to obtain a high and efficient

production. But today there is what is called “growth promoters”, which are the non-

essential for the biological function of the animal, but who have a specific positive effect,

as is the improve animal growth and feed conversion efficiency. The latter means that a

certain amount of food, animal metabolism can get more energy and by the consequent

more meat, more milk or more eggs; and less fat, bowel movements, etc. From this we

can know too, that growth promoters have the function to adapt the metabolism to

produce a better conversion.


Among the techniques to alter or modify the metabolism, are:


Use of steroidal hormones.

Use of growth hormones.

Use of beta-agonists.

Use of immune response.

Use of transgenic animals