Expulsion of retained placenta. to help postpartum uterus involution. q to beat uterine inertia at the time of delivery. q for the initiation and maintenance of normal lactation.

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DIRECTIONS: the pituitary extract maintains the secretory activity of the yellow body (progesterone) and is intended to cause milk secretion after birth. q stimulates the elaboration and secretion of the endometrium, relaxes the uterine musculature and stimulates the growth of the mammary alveoli. q by its content of hormone (ACTH) indication corticotrophic is the same as for glucocorticoids in order to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. q in the bovine ketosis. q by the action of the thyroid body’s action increase metabolism and help the oxygenation of tissues. q it stimulates the growth of Graff in the ovarian follicles and the spermatogenic tissue. q stimulates the ovary and testis tissue and promotes the growth of the cells of the tissue luteum


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