ANESKET 1000 mg/10 mL $75 USD

ANESKET® is a general anesthetic of ultra-short action that has the ability to eliminate sensitivity to pain and consciousness, but preserves palpebral, pharyngeal, laryngeal and visceral reflexes, approved for use in cats, dogs, primates, pigs, cattle, sheep , Horses, birds, snakes and laboratory animals.

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Ketamine inhibits GABA and also blocks serotonin, neuroepinephrine and dopamine in the CNS. While depressing the thalamocortical system, the limbic system is activated. That is, it induces anesthesia in stages I and II but not in degree III. It does not suppress pineal effects and pedal, optical, corneal or laryngeal reflexes. The effects on muscle tone may be variable, but generally causes an increase in muscle tone. Several studies have suggested that the analgesic effect of ketamine is due to the activation of the monoaminergic descending inhibitory system and that this system is apparently activated through the opiate receptors.

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